Vishrambaugwada: A golden leaf in the architectural glory of the Peshwa era

The person who visits Pune never misses his visit to Tulshibaug. I somehow feel that Tulshibaug is more attractive to outsiders than the Punekars. I remember when my cousins used to come to Pune during their summer vacation they always wanted to find time to visit this place.

But somehow the architecturally attractive and somewhat mystical Vishrambaug Wada which is actually just across the road from this busy and bustling marketplace called Tulshibaug has not scored those many points on the list of the must-visit places.

Vishrambaug Wada

As seen from across the street

For me, this Wada has always held the old world charm. Earlier I was a bit hesitant to visit this place as I was not really sure if it is open to general visitors the way we visit Shaniwar Wada. Thanks to the different heritage tours held during the last 4,5 years such beautiful yet less-visited attractions in Pune have opened their doors to everyone.


The wonderful windows of the hall

Associated with Bajirao the second, Vishrambaug Wada attracts visitors with its exquisite beauty and superior interior. As the story goes, this place was earlier a small park owned by Haripant Phadke.
After marrying his daughter with Bajirao Peshwa (II) this place was transferred to the Peshwa’s who renovated the existing structure and built a three-storied edifice.

The beautiful architecture stands even today still maintaining its charm.

Vishrambaug Wada is a very important historical building standing on the Bajirao Road in the heart of Pune. Bajirao II was not ready to stay in Shaniwar Wada due to earlier bad incidences and he was scared to go and stay there. He built his own lavish Palace. It is said that this Bajirao II was prodigal and used resources and money extravagantly. Another story famous about this is about a dancer named Venkat Narsi who made a record of dancing here for 36 hours non-stop.


Delicate wooden carvings on the columns

Vishrambaugwada was built in the year 1807. Excellent use of teak wood with attractive carvings have added to its beauty. Even today when you see the East facing teak wood canopy and the carving of crocodiles on it, it still captures our attention.  The main attraction is the fountain in the centre of the main square.


Fountain at Vishrambaugwada

There is a  big hall on the first floor which has many artillery equipment of the Peshwa era on display. This hall has well-decorated columns and beautiful lampshades. Various antiques, pictures and scriptures are kept on display in the hall which will surely give you a glimpse of the glory of Peshwas and the Maratha empire. During our visit to this place a few years ago,  we got to see a drama practice based on the life of  Shivaji Maharaj. That experience almost took us back in time.

vishrambaugwada hall

Hall(Diwankhana) on the top floor

There is a permanent exhibition in this place called ‘Punawadi te Punyanagari’ which is also a must-see.

vishrambaug corridors

Spacious Corridors of Vishrambaugwada

After the Peshwa era in 1818, it went into the hands of the British. This beautiful mansion is in the heart of the city. It is better to visit it by public transport like auto or bus since it is very difficult to find a parking place near-by for private vehicles.

Vishrambaugwada as the evening sets in

Quick Facts:

Visiting hours: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (closed on Monday)

Entry fees: There is no entry fee to visit this historical monument.

Parking: Is a challenge due to the extremely busy roads around this place. The Best mode is to take an auto or come to the nearest bus stop known as Shanipar – (more about this place in some other blog)


The main attraction in the centre of the building

**Don’t forget to eat Bhel(a savoury snack) at ‘Pushkarni Bhel’ and do taste some delicious snacks at Sweet Home snacks centre, both these places are situated just opposite Vishrambaugwada. Of course, the most famous Chitale Sweets shop( diagonally opposite to Vishrambaugwada) is not to be missed

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