Heart Speaks

Every time when you visit the same place a different kind of feeling emerges in your heart and we look at the place from a different perspective. Whenever I revisit a place, each time  I feel a different angle, a different dimension. It gives me a better understanding. Every visit is a new experience. Sometimes it is the effect of the season, weather or sometimes it is my positive or negative mindset. Our inner feelings like joy or sorrow can also make the visit memorable or not so good. Have you ever experienced this?

Given a chance I would like to visit the snowy mountains of The Himalayas and explore the less traveled North-East India. I want to visit  Manas Sarowar the highest fresh water lake someday. Truly speaking the list is infinite.

Starting small initially, I have started visiting different places in my city, Pune which are still not so known to people despite the great historical importance that these places have. The more I travel the more I feel the need to express and the more I write, the more I am inspired to travel – kind of like an endless loop.

You could also suggest a place or share your experience of visiting one. Send your feedback by filling up this form. Thanks.






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