Questraveler enters 3rd year.

Today on 25th January 2018, questraveler enters 3rd year. Initially, I started this blog to quench my thirst for sharing, writing, expressing and exploring.

I started writing with full energy and enthusiasm and kept the target of writing at least once a week and that too with the focus on writing about the areas in and around Pune. Slowly my canvas became wide and I started writing about the places in the other cities and countries as well. But there was always one unwritten rule. I write about the places I visit personally and it is not taken from or based on someone else’s experiences. All the places are visited, experienced, photographed personally. All the photos are captured by me and my husband ( He is an amazing photographer). Some write-ups are based on the recent visits but few them are also a recollection of memories Whereas some places like Kshetra Mahuli, Pataleshwar etc. I keep visiting every year or every alternate year to make me richer, content and satisfied.

There are so many places like Hyderabad, Mysore, Banglore, Mahabaleshwar, Fatehpur Sikri, Indore, Ujjain, Mahoo, Elephanta caves, Shaniwar Wada, Vishrambaug Wada etc.  which I have visited but before writing I would like to understand the history of the place, the architecture prominent in that area, the various dynasties which ruled these places. Then and only then I would be able to justice to my write up. In the year 2018, you can expect all these write-ups plus few more places which are on my must-visit list.
There are also some fun write-ups coming up which can give you an account of famous parks in Pune, Famous historic places in Pune, top ten spots in Pune to spend your weekend etc. So do stay tuned.

I wish all the readers a Happy New Year. You may visit newer places, reach and explore newer destinations and gather more experiences and amazing memories of your journey……

……………… The quest continues. The traveller is hungry and fond of walking. Let us begin this new year with newer and offbeat places to visit, feel and experience together.

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