Shinde Chhatri : Mahadji Shinde Memorial


Shinde Chhatri

Few places are near to the place you stay, few are far away. Sometimes it is just simple procrastination and you delay the visit. But when you visit that place you feel that it should have been done much earlier.



Have you ever thought of taking a city tour bus which shows the prominent places of the city to the tourist? Most of you will answer negative. Why should I take a bus tour to see the places in my city? I have been staying in Pune since my birth. I know my city well and I have visited many places during the past years. This word ‘Many’ does not contain the word ‘all’ most of the times. I, being a Punekar by birth was sure that I had visited the most important places but when Shinde Chhatri visit took place, I realized that this was a must on my list especially with the history associated with the place and I should have visited it earlier.

Shinde Chhatri



This is built as a memorial of a great Maratha warrior Mahadaji Shinde. He was commander in chief of Maratha Army under Peshwe and his role was instrumental in creating Maratha supremacy in the Northern part of India. He played an important role in battle of Wadgaon which was the first Anglo-Maratha war. The Marathas were victorious and the British had to sign a treaty at Wadagaon in 1779. Such an important person in the History of Marathas : actually my visit was overdue.

Shinde Chhatri is located in the Wanwadi area near Pune Cantonment.


Shinde Chhatri_Outside

When we entered the premises we saw a huge courtyard with the Shiva temple in the middle.


Beautiful Shiva Temple

We entered the Shiva temple and were awestruck by the external as well as internal beauty and cleanliness of the temple. It has beautifully decorated columns and black and white marble flooring with squares and hexagons on it.



This temple is well lit with ample and colourful windows-panes and the sky lights. There is wonderful carving on windows and column arches.


There was a simple Shiva temple earlier. It seems that it was reconstructed and renovated  by Madhavrao Schindia/Shinde in 1965.


Chandeliers inside the monument


Mahadji Shinde was the fifth and the youngest child of Sardar Ranoji Shinde and Chima bai.


Ranoji Shinde( Father of Mahadji Shinde)


At this place there was a small Shiva temple earlier which was constructed by Mahadji Shinde/Scindia himself. The renovation, no way reduces its beauty. It has beautifully decorated walls and columns and heavy chandeliers adding to the beauty. It resembles  to the Rajput style architecture. It made me remember a few temples I had visited earlier in Gujarat.


Temple architecture from outside


Mahadaji Shinde died at Wanavdi/Wanaworie in Pune on 13 February 1794. His memorial is built just next to the temple. He was succeeded by adopted son Daulat Rao Scindia/Shinde, a grandson of  his brother TukojiRao Scindia/Shinde. Inside the hall photos of several  leaders of Shinde/Scindia dynasty are displayed.


Mahadaji Shinde Samadhi

Overall place is peaceful and there was absolutely no one when we visited the temple and the memorial.

There is a Hanuman temple built by Madhavrao Shinde/Scindia.


Hanuman Mandir

In the temple premises there was an ultramodern gym which definitely looked out of place. The vast courtyards could be used for creating a museum or a book library or even an art gallery where oil paintings of warriors could be showed there. One can take guidance from Knowledgeable persons of this field and it could be used in a better way.

This temple and memorial is maintained by the Schindia Devasthan Gwalior. 100% for the cleanliness of the place. When we inquired with the care-taker he informed us that the city tour bus comes here twice a day. So do plan your trip and take out an hour from your busy schedule to offer tributes to this great Maratha warrior.

Quick Facts:

Entry fee: Rs.5 for Indian Nationals

Rs.30 for foreigners (I seriously feel this should be increased in multiples of 10)

There is Empress Garden near by, you can plan and visit it along with Shinde Chhatri

No separate space for parking but there is some open space outside the memorial where you can park your vehicle.

Open all days

6 thoughts on “Shinde Chhatri : Mahadji Shinde Memorial

  1. Very nice article.. Keep hunting and making aware of such places. People should aware of such places so that they can spend atleast a day out of their busy lives.

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  2. For me, the best part is the way you describe the architectural structures and add details of the history. The second best thing is probably the Quick Facts section and the Map to show me the directions. Helps me to decide my visits accordingly.

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  3. As always, a very good post with great information and photographs as well. The post gives sufficient details to prompt me to check out this wonderful architecture on my next visit to that part of the city.

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