Mahatma Phule Museum

Last month we got an opportunity to visit Mahatma Phule Museum located on Ghole road in Pune. I had never visited it earlier though the edifice had always captured my attention.

Phule Museum.

Mahatma Phule Museum

The Phule Museum is a must see for an engineering student. Most of them have not visited it (including me) though.
To welcome you at the entrance gate is a Howitzer gun (Cannon) made in 1859 in Kazipoor Bengal.

Howitzer Cannon

Howitzer Cannon

On entering you see a half statue of Mahatma Phule. This museum was established in 1875 after an industrial exhibition. It was named as Lord Reay Museum. It was earlier located in the Phule market tower. The new building was built in 1964 at Ghole road and in 1968 it was named after the great social reformer Mahatma Jotiba Phule.


Mahatma Phule statue

Mahatma Jotiba Phule

Currently there are different sections like
Industry and engineering: The things to see here are Hydro electric system model with external line, Model of area irrigated by Neera canals from Bhatghar dam. It’s a huge layout with the model starting from the Arabian sea. There is also a model of Koyna Hydro electric scheme, Model of steam engine, model of sugar mill, model of coconut oil mill model of peanut oil mill, Industrial uses of electricity, display of different ball and roller bearing samples.


Model of Sugar mill

Model of a Sugar mill

sectional model of steam engine

Steam Engine


Geology and Minerals: Rocks, stones and minerals collected from different parts of India are displayed in this section.

different rocks and stones

Rocks and Stones


stone age weapons

Stone age weapons


Craft and Small Scale Industries: This section has art in white marble, art in grass and leaves, art of brass ware, art in bronze and copper ware, different types of leather, paper mache work, art in bidariware, wood carvings, chinaware, art in ivory, stone age weapons, fossils, intricate stone carvings, art in bamboo ware and clay .They have displayed old photos of forts like Raigad, Pratapgad, Chakan etc.


warli village

Warli Village

Warli village model

Warli Village

wood carving.jpg

Wood Carving

Art in Bronze and Copperware

Armory: Different types of weapons, guns rifles of Mughal and Maratha empire. Also few weapons of British soldiers of Shivaji’s era. It also includes collection of swords, shield and mail.

swords and shield

Swords and Shield



Farming and Forestry: This section displays improved agricultural implements, indigeneous agricultural implements, Insects on crops, different uses of coconut tree, Gobar gas model. Different birds, animals and marine fishes are displayed. Beekeeping is explained with the help of chart and models. We also noted huge skull of an elephant and horns of a bull. There is a huge skin of crocodile killed in 1870 which is kept at the entrance showcase.

Elephant Skull

Elephant Skull


equipments used for farming

Equipment used  for farming

Few other attractions at this place are marble statue of Edward VIII Prince of Wales and a huge bell weighing 300 kg.

300Kg bell

Huge bell

They also have a small garden where botanical trees are planted. Many schools have their field trips there. There is a huge library on the top floor where mostly the students of MPSC and UPSC come and study.

It is in all a great industrial museum with good models and charts. It is a must visit for metallurgy, agriculture, mechanical and other science students. Sadly during my two visits to the museum I was not accompanied by any other visitor. Such a vast treasure of information is still not able to reach the entire mass population of Pune. I came to know that many schools arrange their field trips to this museum and give project assignments based on the museum. But sadly most of the citizens of Pune have not yet visited it and not explored the immense benefit of this place.

The museum could be maintained in a better way and it could be kept clean and updated with new models and charts. It can make use of new technology to attract people. The display area could also be properly lit in order to achieve the desired impression.

Museum entrance



Quick Facts:
Open on: All days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Entry fee: Rs.10
Location: Ghole road, Pune
Parking space: Sufficient inside the campus

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  1. Nice and informative. Was not even aware of this museum. Perfectly written information and good idea to mention quick facts like opening hours, entrance fees, parking info etc. Thumbs up…!

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  2. Hello interesting article with beautiful and perfect photos with well description. You got wonderful art of writing. Please keep it and develop it further. I know one day you will be well known and popular writer. All the best.

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