Bhimashankar – The Weekend Getaway: Part Two

We returned to the resort to the warm welcome by Bush. He was resting in his usual place, near the main hotel reception, in the shade by a pot of water. On seeing me get down from the car and go to the reception to enquire about lunch, he quickly got up and came over, as if to greet me again.

We ordered a quick lunch and went back to the cottage to get fresh and be ready for another wonderful afternoon and evening at the beautiful resort.


Lunch was quick as we were really hungry and an afternoon siesta gave us the much-needed booster charge to enjoy the evening.

The photographer in me was not idle and I kept on my click clicking all around the place. Equipped with a 55-250 telephoto lens, I hoped to catch some cool photos of birds or some squirrels or rabbits or a snake if I was lucky. I did get some wonderful shots as the evening sun provided the best natural lighting and highlighted almost every subject perfectly.


As sunset edged close, we became aware of an unusual chill in the air. I guess it was the last chilly nights of the winter season. I was glad we had packed jackets and sweaters for everyone as the night further went on to be really cold. It was a full moon night and we realized this when the shiny orb of the moon appeared on the eastern horizon over the distant mountains. We were in such a strategic location on this plateau that there was nothing to obstruct the view of the sun, as well as the moon, rise all the way until they set in the western sky. I made a mental note of making sure I will book in advance here if ever in the future there is a total lunar or solar eclipse and this place lies in the path of the eclipse. With the tripod and the newly acquired camera, I did my job of taking as many pics of the moon as best as I could. All the while, Bush was with me. He would accompany me everywhere and just settle down or lie down somewhere close by as I went about doing my work setting up the tripod etc. I felt a sense of security as, like a faithful guard, he would surely warn me if there was anything dangerous anywhere. Thankfully, he did not have to as we had the almost perfect and safe stay at this resort.


Spending two nights at this resort were the most memorable ones we had as a family and we enjoyed the food as well as the ambiance and the most important, fresh air and a wonderful time spent here.

The dinner was a buffet with a good spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. We enjoyed the tomato soup and the pithla bhakri as well as a few typical chicken preparations. After having a sumptuous dinner and an equally satisfying dessert, we decided to call it a day and went back to our cottage. By this time, we were used to Bush accompanying us and we were a bit concerned when we did not see him when we stepped out of the restaurant building. But it was only for a minute or two, as he must have caught our scent and came along from wherever he was. He joined us from behind and then walked a few paces ahead of us right up to our cottage. Here he came over the verandah and spread himself there like a royal being guarding our entrance. We fed him a few good day biscuits which he had promptly. Earlier, I had asked for details about the two dogs at the reception and they told me that he is used to eating a full chicken as a meal every day. He has it at 9 pm and then does not eat anything else, maybe just some water. However, he was glad to have the biscuits we offered and I even dared to feed him right from my hand.

We then got inside the room and kept watching him from a window. He was sitting there looking at nothing in particular as if guarding the cottage. His ears would twitch a bit in the direction of some noises he heard. Some sounded like an owl or a nocturnal bird or a rat. Some we did not even hear, but his sharp ears picked them up.

It was pretty late and we switched off the lights to retire for the day. Sleep was blissful and easy to come as we had walked a long walk and had a good meal. The next morning, we had to check out and return to our daily schedules. When I woke up and checked out if Bush still sat there the whole night, I found him missing. The last biscuit that we had offered him was still there. Maybe he wanted us to feed it to him by hand or he was not hungry at all.

After the morning regime and the tea to refresh us, we packed up to check out. Completing the formalities and payments we bid a final good bye for the time being to the resort, to Bush, to Basanti and to the Blue Mormon as well.


The journey back was marked by stops to take photos at a picturesque ghat which overlooked a very beautiful dam. I was simply amazed to see the vastness and the ruggedness of nature and could not help but notice – it is the same nature that created the beautiful and delicate flower that I photographed and also created the huge and rugged mountain and the trees that grow on its slopes. No one waters them or takes care of them, yet they grow in this tough terrain. They are giving us a message – to stay tough and have a fighting spirit to overcome difficulties.

Reflecting on this and getting reminded of how minuscule we are in terms of nature and the big mountains and valleys and the wilderness, we continued on our journey home. Stopping on the way for a short lunch and reaching home on time for the evening tea.

We promised ourselves to revisit this wonderful resort and spend more time close to nature and in its laps, while still enjoying the safety and comfort of the cottages and of course the companionship of Bush and Basanti.

Not a week has passed since this visit that we remember Bush and ask each other, what he might be doing at this time.


A beautiful morning, a wonderful dawn. Can’t wait for the next travel in this quest to discover amazing places and beautiful things to capture in the camera.

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